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Vitis. Vitaceae family. Grapes come in several colours, from golden yellow to red, violet, and black. Composed of berries 6-25 mm in size. Basic ingredient for wine and several alcoholic beverages. Within each berry are 2-6 seeds. Green, sweet, gelatinous, and tender flesh.


Recommendations for use
Table fruit, candied, dried, pastries, fruit salad, accompaniment. In general, all grapes combine well with cheese. 

Storage recommendations
Refrigerate, although it is convenient to take them out of the refrigerator one hour before consumption.
Contains sulphites: May cause allergic reactions for some people.

Storage conditions
Optimal temperature: 0º C                                                    Relative humidity: 90 - 95%


​Muscatel, Aledo, Thompson seedless, Victoria, Alphonse Lavallee, Black Gem, Bonheur, Dan Ben Hannah, Dauphine, Imperial Seedless, Italia, La Rochelle, Red Globe, Sugraone, Superior Seedless.

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