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Our quality control team checks every day to ensure that the quality of the products we sell meet our strict requirements: labelling, packaging, size, degree of sweetness, hardiness, freshness, etc.


Our fruit storage, ripening, and packaging processes are certified under the IF STANDARD.

We are certified in the International Featured Standard, IFS Cash & Carry in our warehouse in Barcelona. The IFS standard helps guarantee a quality and food safety management system that covers all aspects and processes of the company. The company has put forth great effort to introduce the IFS, motivating our team to work to adapt to the demands of our customers. The result has been an improvement in our work processes and a considerable increase in the trust of our customers and suppliers.


98% of our products are certified under the GLOBALGAP standard for agricultural best practices at origin.
  1. 1Demonstrates to customers (distributors, intermediaries, importers) that the production methods follow agricultural best practices.
  2. 2Inspires trust from customers.
  3. 3Guarantees access to markets.
  4. 4Improves operational efficiency and market competitiveness.
  5. 5Introduces processes for ongoing improvement.
  6. 6Reduces the number of inspections carried out by second parties in the operation. These include transportation, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, etc.
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