We use the latest technology.

The secret of our bananas, avocados and mangos always being at their best lies in our ripening process. By controlling the humidity, temperature and C02 levels, we ripen our fruit so that it is always ready to eat.

We package according to your needs.

Recyclable formats, boxes, bags, trays… Tell us what you need, and we will advise you on the best option to present each food.

We demand the best.

Our quality control team oversees that each item meets the highest standards according to Cultivar’s purchase specifications, ensuring quality standards are met such as sugar content and colouring. As well as labelling, packaging and MRL control requirements.
Cultivar complies with the IFS standard which guarantees a quality system and food safety in storage, ripening and packaging. Also, the majority of our fruit and vegetables are certified under the Global Gap standard for good agricultural practices on farm, which is maintained all the way to the end consumer thanks to our Global Gap Chain of Custody certificate.

View all the quality, food safety and traceability certifications that endorse us.


We distribute more
than 300 varieties of
fruits and vegetables.